Baruch Elron

Baruch Elron

Baruch Elron (1934-2006) was born in Bucharest, in a family of Sephardic Jews. He studied Painting at the Nicolae Grigorescu Fine Arts Academy in Bucharest. Among his teachers were the great artists Corneliu Baba, Ciucurencu, Steriadi and Yosef Molnar. During his student years, Elron made several study trips to Moscow, Prague and Budapest where he spent his time in the museums, studying the great masters.

In 1958, he was granted the Excellency Award at the International Art Fair of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A year later, in Moscow, he received the prize of the Moscow Youth Festival.

After graduating from the academy, he began to work as a graphic artist, as a book illustrator and in advertising.

In 1960, he received the Prize for Book Illustration at the Dresden Book Fair in Germany.

In 1963, Baruch Elron moved to Israel and in 1966, Baruch Elron had his first solo exhibition in Tel Aviv, closely followed by many others: New York 1967), Montreal and Toronto (1969).

Between 1974-1976, he took part at the International Art Fair of Dusseldorf and Koln, in Germany. In the following years, he had solo exhibitions in almost all the biggest cities of Germany and in German museums such as The Solingen Art Museum and Gustav Lubke Museum.

He also exhibited in France, Holland, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Croatia, United States and of course in Israel among many other countries.

In 1997, he received the ACMEOR Prize for Plastic Arts and in 1998 Baruch Elron was granted the Israel Jubilee award, for artistic and cultural achievements..

In 2000, he was offered the Special recognition award by the Iancolovici Foundation, in Haifa.

Between 1985 – 1994, Baruch Elron was the Chairman of the Union of Artists of Israel. He also taught painting at the Herzliya Art Musem, the Warrior’s House (where he used painting in order to psychologically treat Israel’s wounded soldiers) and at the Popular University

Retrospective exhibitions took place in Israel, Monaco, France, Romania.

In 2011 and 2012, several artworks of Baruch Elron were displayed at the International collective exhibitions “The Spirit of Art” in London and “Lights in winter” (The Archeological Museum of Jaffa, Israel ) and “Israel’s Gems”, in the U.K.

In 2011, Baruch Elron’s painting “Exodus” appeared on the cover of the book “Maranatha”, Niram Art Publishing House, Madrid.

In December 2011, the Third Edition of the Niram Art Cultural Awards, offered in Madrid by the Niram Art Publishing House and Art Magazine honored Baruch Elron’s life and art.




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Exhibitions List:


2000: One Man Show – Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association. Tel Aviv, Israel
1999: One Man Show – “Yefet 28″ Art Gallery. Jaffa, Israel
1998: One Man Show – Bucharest Radio Concert Hall. Bucharest, Romania
1998: One Man Show – Bitan HaOmanim. Rishon LeZion, Israel
1997: One Man Show – Ashkelon, Israel
1997: Group Ex. – Rishon LeZion, Israel
1997: One Man Show – Beit HaTanah Meseum. Tel Aviv, Israel
1997: One Man Show – Yad LeBanim. Tiberias, Israel
1996: Group Ex. – Asdod, Israel
1996: One Man Show – Natanya Auditorium. Natanya, Israel
1996: One Man Show – Amalia Arbel Gallery. Tel Aviv, Israel
1996: One Man Show – Mishkan LeOmanut. Holon, Israel
1995: Group Ex. – The 15th HaPoel Games. Israel
1994: Group Ex. – Art Focus – Contemporary Israel Art
1994: Group Ex. – “Psalms”. Natanya, Israel
1993: One Man Show – Kiriat HaOmanim. Tiv’on, Israel
1993: One Man Show – HaTira Gallery. Ga’ash, Israel
1993: Group Ex. – “Leipzig 92″ – German Cultural Centre. Tel Aviv, Israel
1993: Group Ex. – Wine Festivel. Rishon LeZion, Israel
1993: Group Ex. – Haderas’ Century Celebrations. Hadera, Israel
1992: One Man Show – Central City Library. Be’er Sheva, Israel
1992: Group Ex. – Zagreb Museum. Zagreb, Croatia
1992: Group Ex. – “Israel Art”. Leipzig, Germany
1991: Group Ex. – Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association. Tel Aviv, Israel
1991: One Man Show – Turek Gallery. Ramat HaSharon, Israel
1991: Group Ex. of Portrets- Eked Gallery. Tel Aviv, Israel
1990: One Man Show – Goldman Gallery. Haifa, Israel
1989: One Man Show – Amalya Arbel Gallery. Rishon LeZion, Israel
1988: One Man Show – Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire
1987: One Man Show – Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire
1987: One Man Show – “Art Expo”. New York, NY, USA
1987: One Man Show – Yurek Gallery. Ramath HaShron, Israel
1987: One Man Show – Gal Amilys. Bruxelles, Belgium
1986: One Man Show – “Art Expo”. New York, NY, USA
1986: Group Ex. – Ramat Gan Museum. Ramat Gan, Israel
1986: Group Ex. – Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association. Tel Aviv, Israel
1985: Group Ex. – Herzeliya Museum. Herzeliya, Israel
1984: One Man Show – Gal. Le Parvis Saint Merri. Paris, France
1984: Group Ex. – Herzeliya Museum. Herzeliya, Israel
1984: Group Ex. – HaBima National Theatre. Tel Aviv, Israel
1983: Group Ex. – Israel Wilfried Museum. Israel
1983: Group Ex. – Grand Auditorium. Haifa, Israel
1983: One Man Show – Gallerie L’Angle Aigu. Brussels, Belgium
1983: One Man Show – Gallerie An Der Dussel. Dusseldorf, West Germany
1982: One Man Show – Koblenz Museum. Koblenz, West Germany
1982: Israel 82 Paulskirche Exhibition. Frankfurt, West Germany
1981: Art Expo in The New York Coliseum. New York, NY, USA
1981: One Man Show – Gustav Lubke Museum. Hamburg, West Germany
1980: One Man Show – Solingen Museum of Arts. West Germany
1979: “The 79 Salon” Grand Palais-Paris – International Exhibition of The Fantastic Realism
1979: International Ex. of Arts and Antiques. Essen., West Germany
1979: One Man Show – Gal Kunst Und Psyche. Koln
1978: Group Ex. – Herzeliya Museum. Herzeliya, Israel
1977: Group Ex. – Herzeliya Museum. Herzeliya, Israel
1977: Group Ex. – Gian Del Valentino Gallery. New York, NY, USA
1977: One Man Show – Sarah Kishon Gallery. Tel Aviv, Israel
1977: Special Guest – Esposizione Nazionale Quadrienale Roma
1977: Group Ex. – Idea Gallery. Hague, Holland
1977: Group Ex. – Gal Kunst Und Psyche. Koln
1976: One Man Show – I.K.I. Dusseldorf, West Germany
1976: One Man Show – Paither Lichtenfels Gallery. Wien
1976: One Man Show – Hadassa K. Gallery. Tel Aviv, Israel
1975: One Man Show – Sarah Kishon Gallery. Tel Aviv, Israel
1975: Koln Art Fair. Koln
1975: One Man Show – Galerie An Der Dussel. Dusseldorf, West Germany
1975: Art 6 75 International Fair. Basel
1974: West Germany Art Fair. Dusseldorf, West Germany
1974: I.K.I. 74th Arts Fair. Dusseldorf, West Germany
1974: Art 5 74 International Fair. Basel
1973: I.K.I. 73rd Arts Fair. Dusseldorf, West Germany
1973: Group Ex. – Israel 73 – National Arts Centre. Ottawa, Canada
1973: One Man Show – Ofakim Art Gallery. Tel Aviv, Israel
1971: One Man Show – Chemerinsky Gallery. Tel Aviv, Israel
1970: One Man Show – Traklin Gallery. Haifa, Israel
1969: Traveling Group Ex. – Montreal, Canada; Toronta, Canada; Toledo, USA
1967: Group Ex. – New York, NY, USA
1967: One Man Show – Orit Gallery. Tel Aviv, Israel
1966: One Man Show – Sokolov House. Tel Aviv, Israel
1960: Books Exhibition. Dresden, East Germany Awarded special for book illustrations.
1959: Youth Festival Exhibition. Moscow, USSR Awarded special prize for art poster.
1958: Sao-Paulo International Exhibition of Young Artists Awarded special prize as outstanding artist.